Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in Goa Tourism

The places which are famous due to the beauty and many other sightseeing in India, Goa is one of them and this is a famous tourist destination in India. I have visited this place once in last year and saw all the beauty around this place. If I will get a chance to visit this place again, then I’ll never miss this chance. If you are searching for a calm and quiet place for your leisure time, then you should take a tour to Goa.

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Goa sightseeing is itself a beautiful thing to do over here in Goa. Some of the best sightseeing in Goa are:

The Famous Goa’s Church –The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the famous church of Goa and don’t miss to pray here. This is 400 years old church and also famous among local people as well as tourists.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

Goa Beaches –This is best place to spend the time during your trip. These beaches are the most charming places in Goa and you can enjoy your time over here. Mabor Beach, Palolem Beach, Dona Paula Beach are the most of the famous beaches in Goa.

There are so many places to see in Goa and which attract the tourists, and some of these are:

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary –This is one of the famous sanctuary areas of Goa and animal lovers must visit this place. This place is located in the northern side of the Goa.

The Shantadurga Temple –This is the famous temple of  the Goa and tourists come here to pray in front of Goddess  Durga. This is located at the north of the Goa and attracts the tourists due to its unique architecture.

Spice Plantation –This place is situated in the Ponda and is also very famous among visitors. Organic methods are used for the plantations grown-up.

Old Goa –This place is not so far from the Panaji the capital of Goa. There are many more things related to the past time.

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These are some of the best places to see in Goa and tourists feel the real natural beauty all around during their trip to Goa.

  1. Basilica of Bom Jesus.
  2. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.
  3. Mayem Lake.
  4. Church of our Lady of the Rosary.

These are some famous Goa places to visit, and after visiting them everyone want to visit these places again and again. And for information about the Goa, you can get the best reliable information from the city travel guide on Triphobo.

Wednesday flea market at Anjuna beach – Goa Travel Guide

Have you visited the Wednesday flea market of Anjuna beach?

It is world famous market including beyond belief variety of shopping attractions. There are more than 1000 stalls selling everything from spices to fashionable bags, etc. Hawkers from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Kashmir come here to sell the goods. Nonstop music is set.

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Anjuna Market -Tibetan jewellery section
Anjuna Market -Tibetan jewelry section

Body piercing and dreadlocks extensions are also done here by many foreigners.

Many tourists prefer to buy the fashionable things such as colorful sling bags called as jholas, junk jewelry and trendy foot wears such as slippers and sandals. Clothes are also sold here with many variety of comfort like genie pants, flowy dresses, skirts and tops in vibrant and soft colors.

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You will get see colorful traditional glass hookahs and also articles from all over the world. For decorating your house you can get nice wooden carvings, articles, carpets, lanterns.

Anjuna Flea Market, Goa
Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

Things to do in Goa Exotic Beach Holidays

Goa Tourism for budget travelers to explore the amazing beach culture in India:

India is a land of contrasting charms and Goa is a complete holiday destination with rivers, plains, jungles, museums and hills that is perfect for tourists and honey mooners to have a great time. When I enquired people on the reasons to visit the place, their reasons differed based on their interests and temperaments, but they still had Goa in their vacation hit list. I have just compiled the best 10 reasons to visit Goa for any tourists, hope it is of help in planning your vacation calendar.

Reasons to visit Goa:

Beaches: Goa has a very small landscape, about 3,702 km2 of area and about 36 beaches in them all, and each beach is distinct in its own way. South Goa and its beaches are popular among locals and tourist

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Palolem Beach Sunset , Goa
Palolem Beach Sunset , Goa

Enough and more sun: For westerners longing for sun, there is plenty of them in Goa, to offer the best shots of Vitamin D. Perhaps this is one reason why Goa Tourism flourishes. The winter holiday in Goa offers the best relaxation.

Amazing views: There are bikes available for rent to travel around Goa on a bike, to explore and realize the other part of Goa, out of the beaches. Majestic waterfalls, coconut palms and lazy rivers, add to the natural landscape of Goa.

Amazing Views ,Goa
Amazing Views ,Goa

Spa and Massage: This is available both on the beach and in parlours, and the relaxing massage offered here is obvious. These are also the best methods to boost up one’s immunity and pamper the body with essential minerals.

Enjoying Spa and Massage Therapy ,Goa
Enjoying Spa and Massage Therapy ,Goa

Architecture: Goa Tourist information should cover the churches and convents of Goa, which has achieved world heritage status. The architectural beauty of the villas and houses constructed here is surely breath taking. It is a perfect mix of Portuguese and Guan Styles.

Basilica of Bom Jesus , Old Goa ,Inda
Basilica of Bom Jesus , Old Goa ,India

Water sports: Every beach in Goa has scope for water sports such as windsurfing, water scooters, banana boats etc., to offer the best shots of adrenaline.

Water Sports ,Goa India
Water Sports ,Goa India

Food: The lobsters, fresh fish steaks and tiger prawns are excellent here, Goa tourism flourishes for this ever fish food served here, that is definitely delicious. Traditional cuisine of Goa is lip smacking and mouth watery as well.

Delicious Seafood , Goa India
Delicious Seafood , Goa India

Goa trance: The music played at the trance was aims to get dancers get a collective trance by way of melodies and hypnotic beats. They are a part of rave parties here, specially hosted on Christmas and New Year eve.

Safety and liberty: Goa is one place in India, where female tourists could be themselves and dress up the way they like. Goa travel guides would insist on dress codes with the rest of the country.

Cost efficiency: Goa is affordable for everyone, there are cost cuts on air tickets,and it is possible to spend an entire day here with just 5 pounds. There are cheap accommodation facilities for budget travelers as well.

Sunset Beaches in Goa

Goa carnivals are held every year in February for three days; it is a great attraction for tourists to plan their travel around this time, to learn more on Goa tourist information, visit