Recreational Activities to do in Atlanta Tourism

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and the most populated country of United States.Atlanta city view

Atlanta city view

 In the year 2011 when the census was taken the population was approximately 423,000. Atlanta has been the main center for all the cultural and economic activities in Georgia. The city of Atlanta was formed in the year 1837. The city was destroyed during the civil war and then it was rebuilt again. Now it has developed to such an extent that it has become the main commercial center in Georgia and also for the United States. The city is well connected with rail, road and airways. I could visit the city of Atlanta because of and discovered that the entire Atlanta is covered by the rolling hills and it also has a dense coverage of huge trees. Thus Atlanta experiences a temperate climate. Atlanta is tourist paradise and hence you have many Recreational activities in Atlanta. I want to share some of exciting places which I visited in Atlanta.

When you plan your trips to Atlanta then these are some of the Atlanta Activities which one should never miss.

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Historic center, Atlanta – this center is located in the south east region of the city. It is also one of the largest historical museums in the city. This whole center has two main historic centers the Tullie Smith Farm and the Swan House. Besides these two main centers you have the Margaret Mitchell House and the Kenan research center. I enjoyed exploring the history of Atlanta in these historical centers.

Historic center - Atlanta, GA
Historic center

 Georgia Aquarium –the next exciting Recreational activities in Atlanta you would never like to leave this place. This is one of the largest aquariums in the world. This entire place is covered in an area of 13 acres. I was just bitten by the huge collection of animals this place had. There are more than thousands of underwater animals which are displayed here. The uniqueness of this aquarium is that it holds more than 8 million gallons of salt water and fresh water for the underwater life so that they can survive in the natural habitat.

The Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium

Underground Atlanta – it was very exciting activities to do in Atlanta. Exploring the underground shopping malls, gift shops, retails joints and of course not to miss the food joints. There is a totally different world located in the underground of Atlanta. It is an amazing experience.

Underground Atlanta
Underground Atlanta

Zoo of Atlanta – this is the right place for people of age groups. Who does not love to watch the wild animals and that too in the midst of natural beauty? The zoo takes care of more than 10 species of animals. The main attractions here are the giant Pandas. These cute animals are just loved by the kids and I got the chance to see them from so near really they are so friendly creatures. The latest attraction in the zoo is the Traders Alley and this initiative has been taken to preserve the nature by educating the people who come to visit this zoo and believe me this one of the most sought after Atlanta Activities by the tourists.

It is worth watching the Pandas playing at the zoo in Atlanta ,GA

Panda in Atlanta Zoo
Panda , Atlanta Zoo ,GA
Atlanta Zoo
Atlanta Zoo