Single Women Traveler visits Canberra

Plan For Canberra Travel To Have An Unforgettable trip

For women who are hone with interest with travelling around the globe for photography, and for single women travellers who plan for vacations can opt Canberra as one place of interest as their destined spot. Canberra is pretty safe place for single women travellers who love to explore and analyse. Single women travellers to Canberra enjoy their trip due to their independence in decisions and experience in meeting new people and getting to know about them.

Canberra travel guide for single women traveler


Positioned in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra stands proudly as the capital of Australia. The gorgeous city with monuments, galleries, lakes which are man-made, museums attracts single women travellers from all around the world to this particular spot. To hang around the city the best time would be during the spring which is September to November. The summernats car festival held during the month of January and the national multicultural festival during February are immeasurably enjoyed festivals for women travellers. The hot air balloon festival and national folk festival are other festivals during autumn.


  • East Hotel is one best choice for single women travellers who love to have a safe stay at Canberra, they offer good service at immediate requirement
  • Aria hotel Canberra is another choice for single travellers, with spacious rooms and modern furnishings.
  • Hyatt hotel also falls under this category serving as a shelter for single women travellers to Canberra with a secured stay.

Few Tips And Advises For Women Travelers

  • Read the blogs and experiences of women travellers who travelled around the globe to know their experiences
  • Try to study about Canberra women, about their dressing and way of behaviour, where others attention does not fall on you
  • Avoid night travelling mostly
  • Do not smile or act smartly to grab others attention, look rude and reserved.
  • Try to carry a light baggage and avoid expensive items while travelling
  • Carry nominal amount of cash in hand, with passport, camera and all necessities in a single hand bag which is comfortable and easy to carry.
  • Study the city before setting out each day, so that you may be knowledgeable enough about the place your travelling.

Other Activities For Women Travelers

Apart from sightseeing, there are other things to do in Canberra for single women travellers to participate and enjoy.

  • The paddle boat journey, mountain bike trails
  • Tidbinbilla Natural reserve, tasting of wine
  • Stars and planet watch at mount Stromlo observatory
  • The aquarium and national zoo are other places to see and enjoy.

For a best shopping experience for single women travellers, the listed centers would be the right choice

  • Canberra centre which has departmental store, eateries, food courts, special shops for fashionable clothes and many more.
  • For eating and walking around city walk would be the apt place

for more detailed version of Canberra travel, shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, hotels, and many more Canberra city travel guide would help out.