Enjoy Night life in Goa – Trance Music and Full Moon Beach Parties

“Goa trance” also known as “Psychedelic Trance” is more popular for its spiritualistic under currents. This music transcends the audience to experience the excitement and the high spirits. Goa trance is so popular that “Goa parties” have been held across the world.

Rave Party Festa Goa Trance
Rave Party Fiesta Goa Trance

Many popular beaches in Goa act as land of heaven with trendy discos, trance parties and nightclubs. Tourist, Locals and Vacationers hit this place of party zones to dance till the sun rises on the beats of extravagant hip hop music.

Brief About : Things to do in Goa

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A few of the most popular party zones in Goa are Club Tito’s in Baga beach, Club Antos in Calangute beach and Club Cabana at Arpora.

Now Plan For Full Moon Party 

Full Moon Party Dates 2013 Full Moon Party Dates 2014
Saturday 26, January Wednesday 15, January
Tuesday 26, February Saturday 15, February
Tuesday 26, March Saturday 15, March
Thursday 25, April Monday 14, April
Saturday 25, May Wednesday 14, May
Sunday 23, June Thursday 12, June
Wednesday 24, July Sunday 13, July
Wednesday 21, August Sunday 10, August
Thursday 19, September Monday 08, September
Saturday 19, October Friday 10, October
Sunday 17, November Thursday 06, November
Tuesday 17, December Saturday 06, December
Wednesday 25, December
Tuesday 31, December

Goa party culture has exotic aspects such as Trance parties or Goa raves fiesta. The trance parties took root in Goa considering the hippies who arrived on the Goa beaches in the 1960s.

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Goa Honeymoon : Including Water sports


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Goa is the best place for spending quality time of your honeymoon and make it more enjoyable.The scenic beauty of beaches and the adorable climate make many couples to relish there honeymoon making it an ever lasting memory of life.


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Goa Places to Visit for Single Women Travelers

 Things To Do  and Safety Tips for Single Women Traveling To Goa,India

Goa is one of the famous tourist places in India. You can enjoy
traveling here in the every month of year because of its pleasant weather. I visit this place every year. Enjoy the real natural beauty and beaches over.

Unexplored Destinations in Goa : Places To Visit in Goa

During the Goa Tourism you can find out the best places and pleasant climate of the Goa. There you can enjoy the relish food and best accommodation in Goa. There are so many beach resorts which offer the delicious food to the customers.

Solo Women Traveler in Goa ,India
Solo Women Traveler in Goa ,India

In recent time, it is not difficult for single women travelers to visit the places out from their home town. Women are treated equally as men in every field. They are also doing many adventurous activities like river rafting and to climb up to the mountains and many more.

This is not a difficult thing to Single women travelers to Goa, because Goa is a safe place for everyone and one can visit this place very easily and without any fear. But for female travelers it is important that endure the place is safe or not.

Some safety tips for a solo female traveler:

  1. Always try to speak in English, because it is the centralized language.
  2. Before visiting any place make sure about the safety of the women at that place.
  3. Don’t try to be over friendly with any guy.
  4. If you are feeling uncomfortable with any guy then try to be rude with him and make a difference from him.
  5. Always try to stay at a comfortable place.
  6. Try to find another solo female traveler like you.

There are also many other things to do in Goa such as:

Don’t miss the walking tour of Goa

People who want a quite place then they should go for a walking tour of the Goa beaches. And this can sooth your mind within the couple of minutes of your walking.

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Goa festivals

Goa is very famous for the festivals which people celebrate and enjoy a lot as compare to other things. The Goa carnival is held in February month and festival lasts for one week and people enjoy this festival with colors.

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