About me

Soha Kapoor
Soha Kapoor

I am a fervent traveler. I like to travel to upgrade myself with culture and lifestyle of different zones on this land. People travel at their comfort and hold opinions and views as they keep visiting new places. Same is the case with me. I happened to like this by chance while i was touring when i was 16. And now it has become my hobby. I would like to enlight people and share my experience on place i have visited. 

With travel, photography comes hand in hand. I have indulged in photography and have taken few workshops to improve my skills.There are many places one should visit before they die. Age is never a constraint for those who wants to travel or persue travel as their career or hobby. So, here’s me, trying to get you to the roots of places i have traveled. I hope this will help you plan your trips and those dream vacations.

Email me at :  sohakapoor3@gmail.com

Follow me at: https://twitter.com/SohaKapoor


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