Teaching in Thailand: Part 4 – Six Months in Monkey City

Moving is stressful.
However, when everything you own, fits into a backpack, that stress siginificantly decreases.
In truth, my move from Nakon Nayok to Lopburi wasn’t stressful at all.
It was exciting.
Soon enough I’d get a new apartment, meet new people and start a new job.
 I was ready.
Aviary Photo_130756327083825355Aviary Photo_130756329530229032

Lopburi is not an unheard of place to many people that travel to Thailand. Its on the backpackers route and was made famous to people in the UK by the popular TV show; Idiot Abroad.
Aviary Photo_130756328673955703Basically its a city over run with monkeys, making it an intriguing place to visit. Or if you’re a TEFL teacher, live in.
Aviary Photo_130756327631886326At my new school; Anuban Lopburi, I worked with 6 other foreign teachers and taught Maths and Computer, aswell as English. My experience there was some of the best months of my life. Lopburi has a good expat community, and many things…

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