Monsoon Special: Yummy Food to Eat if you Visit Incredible India

If you are exploring India in monsoon time then you are lucky enough to taste the hot,yummy and delicious food items such as vada paav, misal paav,pakodas,corn and soup.While traveling to monsoon destinations in India you can get to eat special monsoon food also.

Below are the eat outs which I had tasted during my trip to Incredible India in last monsoon season.

Onion (Pyaaz) Pakoda:


Spicy Corns (Bhuttas): With Rs.20, you can savour on roasted corn while enjoying the rains.

Butta Spicy Corn
Bhuttas Spicy Corn

Soup: It can be tomato,Chicken Noodle Soup, grilled tomato soup

Vegetable Soups
Vegetable Soups

Misal Paav:

Misal Paav
Misal Paav

Vada Paav:

Vada Pav
Vada Paav

Jalebis: Taste of eating hot Jalebis in monsoons is awesome.


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