Los Angeles is Popular for the Name Hollywood

Talking about glamour dreams and fun the first name that would come in mind is Los Angeles. This city is stuffed with a life which is full of fun and frolic all the time. Enjoyment is redefined and a person once visited Los Angeles would just fall in love with the place. Visiting this city only once or a couple of times is not enough to feel all the passion and enjoyment of the city. The glamour and Glitz of Hollywood acts as a magnet which pulls the interests of the visitors. The beaches like Santa Monica and Venice are also very scenic. The name LA only has a huge catch and Downtown is the heart of Los Angeles.

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For the visitors this is a land of dreams and by visiting here you can know all about Hollywood. The major attractions of this city are the Universal studios, Paramount studios, Rodeo Drive and most importantly the Hollywood walk of fame. To get yourself familiar with this city of glamour you have to visit the Los Angeles Hollywood streets and the Los Angeles Hollywood Theaters. There are many historic theaters which hold a heritage of Hollywood and many of the Academy Awards are hosted in those theatres. The creation of the Hollywood Walk of Fame was done in 1958. The Kodak theater is also another landmark which was established in 2001 and the Oscars has its new home situated here only.

People are being filled with amusements and entertainments for the past 85 years and all this is centered in the Universal Studios Hollywood. The universal studios feature a park was has a theme of movies, universal City Walk entertainment and a dining and shopping complex. There are two distinct levels in this studio and a series of escalator links both of them. Both the upper and lower lots contain parades and a heap of rides. There is a tram ride known as the behind the scenes tram ride which would provide a tour of the studio.

Thus, Hollywood not only fulfills the dreams of many individual but also provides a life which is full of entertainment, and fun. For the Visitors this life is just like a dream come true because each and every people want to want a live a life which contains an element of glamour.

It is always better to know about the city before you actually visit it.


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