Amazing Tourist Places to Visit in Munnar Tourism

Spend Quality Time in Munnar, Kerala
Spend Quality Time in Munnar, Kerala

About Munnar

Munnar is the hill station which is situated in Kerala and one of the famous place which is considered as a tourist destination. This place is also famous for tea plantation which is vast in number. This place is having beautiful shops along with guest houses which are mentioned in the Munnar travel guide so that the visitors will be taking the advantages of beautiful places along with the cool surroundings which they never come across in any hill station. This place is also considered the best place for honeymoon.

Expert Recommendations – Places to Visit in Munnar

This place is very safe, as women alone can travel to this destination and they are given more respect  by the people of Munnar. Not only the tourist destinations but individuals will be  getting  more ideas about places along with accommodations in Munnar tourist information, where the travelers will be guided on each and every step as which are the best places and how they can easily visit this place.

Top 10 reasons to visit Munnar

Some of the great reasons to visit Munnar which has also mentioned in the Munnar travel guide includes the beautiful place surrounded by the hill station along with tea plantation. Other reasons to visit Munnar includes the best places which are considered for tourist destination area is an Eravikulam national park where visitors will come across with many different species. Travelers will also come across with many animals like elephants langur and lion. The best time to travel this place is from august till march where the temperature remains constant in every month

Travelers can easily reach this place with the help of  air, train and water transport, so it makes easy for the travelers that they travel to this place any time. Apart from the tourist destination visitors will also take the benefits of the massage and Ayurvedic massage therapy which is famous in the place and visitors will take the benefits of this facility in the hotels and restaurants. Visitors will also come across with cottages along with budget hotels which are especially designed for the visitors so that they can enjoy their vacations with the dear one.

Visitors will also come across with waterfalls which are situated near the hill station. Along with that travelers will also come across with blossom park which is just situated just 1 km from the Munnar. Photo point is the other place which is situated  only 2 km from Munnar which is the small place filled with wooden stream.

In Munnar travelers will come across with waterfalls which are having its beauty. Thus we can say that Munnar is the best place where the visitors will come across with many things.

Information about accommodations

If the travelers want to get more information about the transport facility along with the best accommodations with hotels and restaurant, then Munnar tourism will give you full details on where the visitors will get many important information along with accommodations so that they can easily plan out the entire vacations with their family and friends.


Travel Around to See the Christmas Outdoor Light Decorations

Christmas is celebrated by  millions of people around the world each year.

Enjoy Your Christmas Vacations

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Los Angeles is Popular for the Name Hollywood

Talking about glamour dreams and fun the first name that would come in mind is Los Angeles. This city is stuffed with a life which is full of fun and frolic all the time. Enjoyment is redefined and a person once visited Los Angeles would just fall in love with the place. Visiting this city only once or a couple of times is not enough to feel all the passion and enjoyment of the city. The glamour and Glitz of Hollywood acts as a magnet which pulls the interests of the visitors. The beaches like Santa Monica and Venice are also very scenic. The name LA only has a huge catch and Downtown is the heart of Los Angeles.

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For the visitors this is a land of dreams and by visiting here you can know all about Hollywood. The major attractions of this city are the Universal studios, Paramount studios, Rodeo Drive and most importantly the Hollywood walk of fame. To get yourself familiar with this city of glamour you have to visit the Los Angeles Hollywood streets and the Los Angeles Hollywood Theaters. There are many historic theaters which hold a heritage of Hollywood and many of the Academy Awards are hosted in those theatres. The creation of the Hollywood Walk of Fame was done in 1958. The Kodak theater is also another landmark which was established in 2001 and the Oscars has its new home situated here only.

People are being filled with amusements and entertainments for the past 85 years and all this is centered in the Universal Studios Hollywood. The universal studios feature a park was has a theme of movies, universal City Walk entertainment and a dining and shopping complex. There are two distinct levels in this studio and a series of escalator links both of them. Both the upper and lower lots contain parades and a heap of rides. There is a tram ride known as the behind the scenes tram ride which would provide a tour of the studio.

Thus, Hollywood not only fulfills the dreams of many individual but also provides a life which is full of entertainment, and fun. For the Visitors this life is just like a dream come true because each and every people want to want a live a life which contains an element of glamour.

It is always better to know about the city before you actually visit it.

3 Things to do in Amsterdam which should not be missed

When you are travelling to Amsterdam you must visit these 3 attractions in Amsterdam. Once you visit these places you will experience the uniqueness about them.

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Amsterdam Canal Ring – Seventeenth-century canal ring area of Amsterdam inside the Singelgracht.


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Het Scheepvaart Museum – The National Maritime Museum is a maritime museum in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This is an interactive museum in former storehouse with virtual voyages & replica, 18th-century merchant ship


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Rijksmuseum –  This is a 19th-century building housing Dutch Golden Age painting masterpieces & vast European art collection. Established on 31 May 1800


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Many a times when you are  in Amsterdam or you are planning trip to Amsterdam you might miss other locations as well. Hence it’s always good to plan trip itineraries before exploring any travel destination.

Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam and share your experience with me at the above mentioned attractions. Have a nice journey.

Single Women Traveler visits Canberra

Plan For Canberra Travel To Have An Unforgettable trip

For women who are hone with interest with travelling around the globe for photography, and for single women travellers who plan for vacations can opt Canberra as one place of interest as their destined spot. Canberra is pretty safe place for single women travellers who love to explore and analyse. Single women travellers to Canberra enjoy their trip due to their independence in decisions and experience in meeting new people and getting to know about them.

Canberra travel guide for single women traveler


Positioned in the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra stands proudly as the capital of Australia. The gorgeous city with monuments, galleries, lakes which are man-made, museums attracts single women travellers from all around the world to this particular spot. To hang around the city the best time would be during the spring which is September to November. The summernats car festival held during the month of January and the national multicultural festival during February are immeasurably enjoyed festivals for women travellers. The hot air balloon festival and national folk festival are other festivals during autumn.


  • East Hotel is one best choice for single women travellers who love to have a safe stay at Canberra, they offer good service at immediate requirement
  • Aria hotel Canberra is another choice for single travellers, with spacious rooms and modern furnishings.
  • Hyatt hotel also falls under this category serving as a shelter for single women travellers to Canberra with a secured stay.

Few Tips And Advises For Women Travelers

  • Read the blogs and experiences of women travellers who travelled around the globe to know their experiences
  • Try to study about Canberra women, about their dressing and way of behaviour, where others attention does not fall on you
  • Avoid night travelling mostly
  • Do not smile or act smartly to grab others attention, look rude and reserved.
  • Try to carry a light baggage and avoid expensive items while travelling
  • Carry nominal amount of cash in hand, with passport, camera and all necessities in a single hand bag which is comfortable and easy to carry.
  • Study the city before setting out each day, so that you may be knowledgeable enough about the place your travelling.

Other Activities For Women Travelers

Apart from sightseeing, there are other things to do in Canberra for single women travellers to participate and enjoy.

  • The paddle boat journey, mountain bike trails
  • Tidbinbilla Natural reserve, tasting of wine
  • Stars and planet watch at mount Stromlo observatory
  • The aquarium and national zoo are other places to see and enjoy.

For a best shopping experience for single women travellers, the listed centers would be the right choice

  • Canberra centre which has departmental store, eateries, food courts, special shops for fashionable clothes and many more.
  • For eating and walking around city walk would be the apt place

for more detailed version of Canberra travel, shopping, sightseeing, restaurants, hotels, and many more Canberra city travel guide would help out.

Enjoy Night life in Goa – Trance Music and Full Moon Beach Parties

“Goa trance” also known as “Psychedelic Trance” is more popular for its spiritualistic under currents. This music transcends the audience to experience the excitement and the high spirits. Goa trance is so popular that “Goa parties” have been held across the world.

Rave Party Festa Goa Trance
Rave Party Fiesta Goa Trance

Many popular beaches in Goa act as land of heaven with trendy discos, trance parties and nightclubs. Tourist, Locals and Vacationers hit this place of party zones to dance till the sun rises on the beats of extravagant hip hop music.

Brief About : Things to do in Goa

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A few of the most popular party zones in Goa are Club Tito’s in Baga beach, Club Antos in Calangute beach and Club Cabana at Arpora.

Now Plan For Full Moon Party 

Full Moon Party Dates 2013 Full Moon Party Dates 2014
Saturday 26, January Wednesday 15, January
Tuesday 26, February Saturday 15, February
Tuesday 26, March Saturday 15, March
Thursday 25, April Monday 14, April
Saturday 25, May Wednesday 14, May
Sunday 23, June Thursday 12, June
Wednesday 24, July Sunday 13, July
Wednesday 21, August Sunday 10, August
Thursday 19, September Monday 08, September
Saturday 19, October Friday 10, October
Sunday 17, November Thursday 06, November
Tuesday 17, December Saturday 06, December
Wednesday 25, December
Tuesday 31, December

Goa party culture has exotic aspects such as Trance parties or Goa raves fiesta. The trance parties took root in Goa considering the hippies who arrived on the Goa beaches in the 1960s.

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Places to Visit and Tourist Attractions in Goa Tourism

The places which are famous due to the beauty and many other sightseeing in India, Goa is one of them and this is a famous tourist destination in India. I have visited this place once in last year and saw all the beauty around this place. If I will get a chance to visit this place again, then I’ll never miss this chance. If you are searching for a calm and quiet place for your leisure time, then you should take a tour to Goa.

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Goa sightseeing is itself a beautiful thing to do over here in Goa. Some of the best sightseeing in Goa are:

The Famous Goa’s Church –The Basilica of Bom Jesus is the famous church of Goa and don’t miss to pray here. This is 400 years old church and also famous among local people as well as tourists.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

Goa Beaches –This is best place to spend the time during your trip. These beaches are the most charming places in Goa and you can enjoy your time over here. Mabor Beach, Palolem Beach, Dona Paula Beach are the most of the famous beaches in Goa.

There are so many places to see in Goa and which attract the tourists, and some of these are:

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary –This is one of the famous sanctuary areas of Goa and animal lovers must visit this place. This place is located in the northern side of the Goa.

The Shantadurga Temple –This is the famous temple of  the Goa and tourists come here to pray in front of Goddess  Durga. This is located at the north of the Goa and attracts the tourists due to its unique architecture.

Spice Plantation –This place is situated in the Ponda and is also very famous among visitors. Organic methods are used for the plantations grown-up.

Old Goa –This place is not so far from the Panaji the capital of Goa. There are many more things related to the past time.

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These are some of the best places to see in Goa and tourists feel the real natural beauty all around during their trip to Goa.

  1. Basilica of Bom Jesus.
  2. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.
  3. Mayem Lake.
  4. Church of our Lady of the Rosary.

These are some famous Goa places to visit, and after visiting them everyone want to visit these places again and again. And for information about the Goa, you can get the best reliable information from the city travel guide on Triphobo.