Enchanting Normandy Trip Abroad With Normandy Travel Guide

Travelling has always been in vogue whether it is within your country or abroad. When you take a foreign trip, visit Normandy as your next international holiday destination. Normandy located in northern France. To get there you need to avail the Normandy travel guide. There are three routes you can take for reaching Normandy which include train, ferry or car. So, dont waste your time just plan Normandy Trip

The Normandy tourist information will give you relevant updates about the place.

French Gites
French Gites

Normandy is interspersed with French Gites and there are lots of holiday home rentals which makes it a happening holiday spot for   tourists.  There are conventional fishing boats as well modern yachts in the Honfleur harbor. If you wish to satisfy your taste buds there are lovely restaurants and stylish boutiques for shopping freaks to carry home some treasured mementoes.

The panoramic landscape is simply magnificent when you set foot in Normandy and the visuals will stay with you for the rest of your life. There are wide green fields stretching out for miles as far as eye can see and high cliffs dot the horizon.

 High Cliff View
High Cliff View

Farm houses made of stone are set on these cliffs and the salty aroma of the sea hang heavy in the air.

The Normandy tourism tells you of the High Normandy and the Low Normandy which are the two major divisions. Don’t miss a visit to the magnificent Mont. St Michael Abbey which is a witness to history and even browsing in the fishing market of Normandy is a fun pastime.

Mont. St Michael Abbey
Mont. St Michael Abbey

You would a get a superb insight into ancient French history by going through the Normandy tourist information. Normandy prides itself on housing some of the stunning Renaissance mansions and chauteax.

If botany is your subject Normandy is a must visit for you as there are parks and gardens galore. The stunning garden at Bos de Moutiers soothes your weary senses remarkably. Speaking of refreshing your weary mind, visit the spa town of Bagnoles de l’ Orne.

Bagnoles de l’ Orne
Bagnoles de l’ Orne

Here you can play golf or go swimming to your heart’s content. In Bayeux you can get an insight into the history of William the Conqueror. The exquisite tapestry is a real work of art which recounts these historical sagas.  These details are begot from the websites of the Normandy tourism.

Chateau de Baffy – which is situated between Caen and Bayeux is also worth visiting on your Normandy trip.. A visit here would not be complete without sampling the delicious Normandy cuisine. Infested with splendid orchards and beautiful dairy farms, you can try refreshing ciders or apple brandies and fresh cheese which melts in your mouth. Camembert is the most acclaimed cheese and even the marine fare is amazingly good.

Chateau de Baffy
Chateau de Baffy

So the next time you wish to visit a place abroad, make Normandy your holiday destination and come home with a storehouse of cherished memories.


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