Feel Amsterdam Tourism in Romantic way

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and is situated on the western side of the country. This is one of the largest cities of the Netherlands and the sixth largest Metropolitan area in Europe. One can see many things there in Amsterdam.I have seen amazing things in Amsterdam.  One should visit this place to see the beautiful sights and should do the best Amsterdam activities to make the trip memorable.


Best time to visit:
There is no time limit to visit this place, means you can visit this place whenever you want.  Most of the traveler visits this place from April to September. This is because the days during these months are longer than the other months.

There you can enjoy the best recreational activities in Amsterdam, which are really adventurous and breathtaking. I have done some of these activities like cycling, shopping and many more.

There are many places in the city which are not visited by other vehicles. So you can hire a bike and can visit these beautiful places of 17th century. This is one of the famous activities to travel on a bike. Most of the local people use these cycles to travel. Visiting this city on bike is very famous activity among the tourists, because one can discover the whole city very easily.

Cycling in Amsterdam
Cycling in Amsterdam

Shopping is another most famous activity in the city. You can buy different things form the shops at the affordable price. Even you can do a window shopping to see the different varieties of the products. This is the best Amsterdam activity and I had also purchased so many things from there during my trip.


Picnic spot
If you are here in Amsterdam with the family then here is a best picnic place ‘Vonderlpark’. This is the largest green place in Amsterdam.


Beer Tasting:
If you like the beer then this is the best activity for you and you can taste the different varieties of the beer.  Here you can also enjoy the 6 different samples of Dutch beer.

Dutch Beer-Amsterdam
Dutch Beer-Amsterdam

Blow Karts:
This is one of the adventurous activities and you can enjoy them at the particular locations. This activity is totally depends upon the wind. These are some of the famous recreational activities in Amsterdam.


If you are thinking about the Amsterdam trip, then you should have the proper information about the best places, about the food and the accommodation and about the activities to do in Amsterdam. If you want to get more information about the city then directly go through the city travel guide on or check out Amsterdam Itinerary 2 Days.


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