Recreational Activities to do in Milan Travel Guide

Milan is also known as Milano. It is rated among the second largest city in Italy. Milan is the capital of Lombardy. It is the fifth largest in the European Union and the population is approximately 1.35 million. The city of Milan was conquered by the Romans and hence it became the capital of the Western Roman Empire. Milan is considered as the most flourishing centers for the commercial and financial sectors. Since last few years there has been a drastic increase in the tourism industry in Milan. I had been Milan and can vouch that this city is an excellent place to be visited. The city is well-known for its fashion and design industry. Besides this you have number of museums, cathedrals, theaters and there are many other Activities to do in Milan.

The city is known as the Fashion Capital of the World. There are number of Recreational activities in Milan which one can explore while on a trip to this beautiful city. I am sharing some of the exciting activities during my visit to Milan.


Visiting the Duomo – this should be first attraction which has to be visited when you come to Milan for a vacation. The Duomo or the Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in Italy. This is one of the largest Gothic Cathedrals. When you enter the church you can get an excellent view of the nearby areas. Visiting the cathedral is one of the best Activities in this  historical city.

Visiting the Duomo-Milan
Visiting the Duomo-Milan

AC Milan – this is the most popular football stadium of Milan called as the AC Milan and Inter Milan. These are most important football clubs of Milan and they are world famous. The football freaks can visit the museums at both these clubs which has details about some of the most famous football players across the world.

AC Milan
AC Milan

Flea markets – those who are the shopping freaks can enjoy at the flea markets and this is one of the best places to shop. For those who love shopping this is a paradise for them. I just loved to visit the flea markets and this is one of the most sought after Recreational activities in Milan. Here I could buy a large range of duplicates of some of the best brands from across the world. Here you shall find many cheap and good quality items which have great classic looks and the best part is that it gives a vintage feel to your shopping. Some of the famous flea markets are – Viale Papinianom, Viale Fauche and Fiera de Sinigaglia.

Flea Markets-Milan
Flea Markets-Milan

Italian cuisine – Italian cuisine is famous across the world. The foodies can a have a ball of time tasting some of the best cuisines from across the globe. You should definitely visit the local coffee shops which dish out to you some of the best brewed coffee and also taste the Paninini sandwiches from the restaurants. The foodies have a plethora of options to choose from.

Italian Cuisine-Milan
Italian Cuisine-Milan


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