Enjoy Recreational Activities in Dublin

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the province of Leinster and also the most populated city in Ireland. In English the word Dublin means black pool. The English name of the city has been arrived from the Irish name. Towards the east coast of Dublin you have the river Liffey. In the olden times the city of Dublin was a Viking settlement. Later on after the invasion it was converted into Kingdom of Dublin. Since then the city has developed so rapidly that it has been ranking among the second largest city across the British Empire and fifth largest across entire Europe. Dublin ranks among the top 30 tourist destinations in the world. I had been to Ireland and got a chance to visit Dublin. I was excited by the various Recreational activities in Dublin and I want to share with you some of my exciting experiences at Dublin.

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Dublin experiences a maritime climate – i.e. the city experiences mild winters and the summers are also cool; hence the city does not experience very extreme climates thus making it worthwhile to visit the city during any time. I really enjoyed the climate and I found that there are so many Activities to do in Dublin that you shall want one more vacation to this ecstatic city.

Guinness storehouse – during my trip to Dublin though I am not an avid drinker I can suggest the place where you can get the best beer. Those who are fond of beer should definitely visit this Guinness storehouse. You can get some of the most popular beer drinks across the globe. The best part of this place is that you come to know the entire process of making the beer. You have an entry fees to go to this storehouse and watch the entire process of making the beer.

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Jameson Distillery – this is the most popular Dublin Activities – you can taste the exotic Irish whiskey. You can enter this huge factory and take a tour and experience how this exotic whiskey is prepared. This distillery is situated in the Bow Street and this is worth visiting this distillery.

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Gaiety Theater – this is one of the most exciting Recreational activities in Dublin; those who are interested in watching the theater performances then this is the right place for your entertainment. This is one of the oldest theaters located in Dublin and you can watch various entertainment programs like the dance, drama, opera, live music and even ballet.

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Ghost bus ride – this is a well-known ride sought after by the tourists coming from across the world. Everyone who visits Dublin should never miss a chance to take this Ghost bus ride. This is a theme ride which is having various spine chilling stories and as the bus speeds along the entire city; it also has the stops at various graveyards and many of the haunted sites of Dublin.

Ghost bus ride-Dublin,Ireland
Ghost bus ride-Dublin,Ireland 

Walking tour of Dublin – this is one of the most fun loving Dublin Activities taking a walking tour across the city and these tours are organized by the college students.


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